Hungry Earthworm

A game by Kinnady and Nancy

Ed the earthworm needs your help! Guide him to the dead organisms and waste. Watch out for the humans, rocks, and Robin but you also need to destroy them to get points. Once you collect everything hurry to the soil and release the organic material through your waste! Good Luck!

Step #1

Click this link to download ARIS

Step #2

Open the ARIS app and tap the QR code button

Step #3

Scan this QR code with the ARIS app

Alternatively, this game can be found using the ARIS search feature. To use the search feature, first open the ARIS app and create an account. Next, choose the search icon with the small magnifiying glass from the menu at the bottom of the screen. In the search field, type in "TFM_MP." This will list all the Mobile Planet games.