DIY Project Documentation

  1. Electronics Basics
  2. Making Sponge Electrodes
  3. Making the Device

Practical application

  1. tDCS Using Procedures

    SpeakWisdom, 10.02.2013, Original, Mirror

  2. Electrode Placements

    LongeCity, 10.02.2013, Original

  3. Prof. Marom Bikson "Using Computational Models in tDCS Dose"

    Jove, 2011, Mirror

  4. Electrode Positioning and Montage in Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

    Jove, 2011

  5. Depressione

    Newronika, April 2012

Blogs, Forums and Portals

  1. Reddit tDCS
  2. BrmLab
  3. DIYtDCS
  4. SpeakWisdom
  5. LongeCity tDCS
  6. DCStim
  7. TDCS-Transcranial-Direct-Current NZ
  8. PubMed
  9. IEEE Explore

Commercial Products

  2. Chattanooga Ionto
  3. ActivaDose II
  4. Soterix Medical
  5. Biocurrent Kit


  1. My tDCS device


  2. DIY: TDCS Transcranial DC Stimulator

  3. DIY tDCS Howto


  4. GoFlow Schematic

  5. User-Built tDCS Research Device


  6. A Very Simple Current Regulated tDCS Device


  7. Simple DIY TDCS circuit using CRDs


  8. A little less Simple DIY TDCS circuit using CRDs


  9. Electrode assembly design for transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A FEM modeling study*

    Neural Engineering Group, Mirror

  10. Build a Human Enhancement Device (Basic tDCS Supply)


  11. Methods for extra-low voltage transcranial direct current stimulation: current and time dependent impedance decreases.


  12. tDCS - Thoughts on Safety for the Amateur



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