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Who is Rusark?
Rusark Inc is a voluntary software organization; a group of software developers looking to further their skills and reputation through the completion of both open-source, pro bono projects, as well as proprietary endeavours. What does that mean? We create free and open-source software applications for the public. Every single project currently developed in-house for the public, as well as any future project currently in the design stage, is implemented with open source in mind. Our repositories are easily accessible through SourceForge and Github, where the source code can be viewed directly, and even copied, by non-members. We're open to ideas from our consumers, as well as from seasoned programmers. If you are a software developer who is interested in open-source and joining the Rusark team, or just contributing to a specific project, please contact us below. We are eager to expand our software library with new ideas and approaches.
The Rusark team develops its games in open-source, which are made available for public consumption free of charge. Our previous project, titled Autocrat, has evolved into a complex and platform-independent HTML5 and JavaScript engine, with server and/or client-side Java as its logical and processing backbone and XML and SQL as supported database technologies. While the Autocrat Engine is still under development and in need of further optimizations, it will power our first large-scale game, tentatively titled Dust. More information on Dust (such as its story and characters) will be made available to the public shortly, as its concept is still being explored and fine-tuned. Check back frequently for more updates and news on our latest endeavours, and check our Github to get the absolute latest information on our progress and technical achievements to date.

Autocrat Engine

Apart from Games, our team also develops open-source (free) and proprietary (commercial) software to fulfil a variety of tasks and functions. With our collective minds at our disposal, we are able to utilize a large variety of technologies as required for each software development project, including industry-standard development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, repository management systems such as SVN and Github, programming languages including, but not limited to, Java, C++, Python, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and database systems ranging from simple XML storage to complex SQL querying. Have an idea for a software solution? Contact us, and we can tell you the time and costs it will take to make it a reality.
What We Offer
Contract Work
In addition to our own projects, Rusark can be hired to develop, contribute and/or maintain third-party software applications from a wide variety of industries. Supported software applications range from isolated projects requiring a small team and short-term contracts, to large, integrated software solutions with long term technical support and maintenance. We work with individuals, corporations and commercial companies in developing software for both internal processes and public releases. Throughout our development process, we maintain absolute consumer discretion and confidentiality. If you are interested in our services, please contact us below to receive a free quote.
Personal Computers
Thinking of buying a new personal computer? We have prepared a line-up of PCs specially configured and optimized for your needs, at a fair and reasonable price. Let us know how you plan to use the PC, and we will list, from multiple vendors (Dell, HP, etc.) as well as our own product line, a pre-configured PC designed to match the performance you need and save you money otherwise spent on unnecessary parts and services. Know exactly what you want? With our Custom PC Builder tool, you can select and buy specific parts from a large variety of vendors, and either build the system yourself, or, for an additional charge, we can build the system for you. Check out our PC store for more details and take a look at what we have to offer.
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