Logan Wang



  >> Resume (.pdf)

>> Animation: Fresh Deck Poker

>> Animation: Nike Athletics West

>> Animation: Mashreq Interface Motion Demo (.mov,15 MB)

>> Animation: Sprite Spark Music Mixer (facebook account required)

>> Animation: Sprite Spark Movie Maker (facebook account required)

>> Animation: Big Live Bookend Animation (.mov,10 MB)

>> Ad Unit: Edge of Tomorrow

>> Ad Unit: LG Thrill 3D Gaming

>> Ad Unit: Cisco Expandable Video

>> Ad Unit: CNET - "How To" Standard

>> Ad Unit: Coke Olympics Expandable Video

>> Ad Unit: Smirnoff Ginger Standard

>> Ad Unit: Visa Organize Standard

>> Ad Unit: Motorola Aura Standard

>> Award: Coke Happiness Factory (FWA Site of the Month + One Show Interactive)

>> Award: Coke Happiness Factory (Award Video - Quicktime)

>> Award: Smirnoff.com 2.0 (Cyber Lion Bronze)