Curse of The Gods Weekly Tournament (SMITE)

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Tournament Times & Official Streams:

Weekly Tournaments:

The weekly tournaments are held on every Saturday at the following times:

* Starting Time (CET): 18:00 (Berlin, Germany)
* Starting Time (EST): 12:00 PM (New York, New York)
* Starting Time (PST): 9:00 AM (Los Angeles, California)

Monthly Tournaments:

The Monthly tournaments are held on the first Sunday of the following month, every Month, at the following times:

* Starting Time (CET): 18:00 (Berlin, Germany)
* Starting Time (EST): 12:00 PM (New York, New York)
* Starting Time (PST): 9:00 AM (Los Angeles, California)

Official Streams:
* Smite Game Stream
* Curse Smite Stream

* Curse of The Gods Tournament Information - Smite Wiki

Tournament Admins:
* Lori "Tesla" Slaughter
** In Game Name: Tesla
*** Email:

* Hawkeye
** In Game Name: Hawkeye

* Caboose
** In Game Name: FLCaboose

* Blake "mBlakew"
** In Game Name: mBlakew

Requirements To Be Eligible To Play In This Tournament:

1.) Must be a level 6 on the North American Server.

2.) Must own 12 gods (This is a requirement in game).

3.) This is a 5v5 (Conquest) Tournament:

*** A - Weekly Tournaments = Best of 1 Series until finals, at which point it becomes a Best of 3 Series.

*** B - Top 8 placing teams will be awarded points towards the chance to gain entrance into the Monthly Finals.

*** C - Monthly Finals will all be a Best of 3 series, despite the round.

4.) Teams must be premade and should have at least 1 back up player. Maximum back up players allowed is 3. Rules about how the backup player will work are listed further below.

5.) No ELO requirement; However, as the period of registration goes on higher ELO teams will be picked over lower ones.

6.) Must follow all rules set forth by Hi-Rez Studios & the rules listed below

7.) The team captains are responsible for making sure all match information is up to date.


1.) Must be a mannered player. Any form of bad manner, trash talking or excessive (un-needed) talking in chat can and will likely result in the whole team being disqualified.

2.) The team captains are responsible for updating the out come of their matches with the proper Match ID. Any form of false win/loss reports can and very likely will result in said team being disqualified.

3.) Since some series/matches will be streamed, any form of stream snipping/ghosting will be considered and treated as a form of cheating. If a team is suspected of such, the admins reserve the right to disqualify them from the tournament.

4.) When signing up to play in the tournament, all members of the team must have their in game name listed and they must be at least a level 6.

5.) Team Rules & Back up Players:
*** A - Each team will actually consist of 5 players and 1 back up player. If the team only has 5 players and a member for that team does not show up, then the team will be disqualified and replaced with a back up team. A team may have up to 3 back up players, MAX.

6.) In the off chance that a player disconnects the following will occur:
*** A - If an unintentional disconnection occurs within 5 minutes from the start of the match & before first blood –OR– a player’s client crashes or fails to load after god selection, then the match must be restarted OR if first blood occured before 5 minutes on a disconnected player, then the match must be restarted. Otherwise if the unintentional disconnection occurs after those milestones, the game will continue as normal. The crashed player may reconnect into the game as soon as they are able. All bans and chosen gods will remain exactly the same as the original match.

*** B - If a disconnect happens after first blood or the 5 minute period (which ever occurs first), then the match will continue on and best of luck to both teams.

*** C - If a team has a player disconnect who disconnects and causes the restart of a match, that is fine, unless this sort of case happens twice in a row. Upon the second instance, it is HIGHLY suggested a back up player is used in place of that disconnecting player. Also in this instance, once the third match starts, it shall continue, regardless if the same team had another disconnect or not. The only instance in which another restart of a match would possibly occur, is if the opposing team were to have a disconnected player on that match.

*** D - In the rare off chance that many players are disconnecting, the admins will decide at that time, how to handle that particular match and what will happen in that situation. (Basically that means, admins discretion if multiple recurring disconnections happen).

7.) Each Team participating in Tournament will have only 1 1/2 hours before the tournament to check in. All members MUST be present and ready to play their tournament matches during check in. Back up teams should also check in at this time in case they are needed.

8.) Once a team is checked in they may go ahead and practice before the tournament. HOWEVER, we ask that all teams be done 15 minutes before the tournament starts. That way, the tournament is not held up by someone playing another match. We also ask that any team signed up for our tournament does NOT sign up for another tournament around the same time. This simply causes problems for everyone.
*** A - We allow up to a MAX of 20 minutes from the start of the tournament, for the first round games to start. If a team fails to start their match within the 20 minutes allowed, then the team who was checked in and ready to play at that time shall be awarded the win. *** B - We allow a 5-10 minute delay between matches. This is so the casters may take a short break in between matches and so players made do things like get up and stretch or get a drink themselves. If a match takes longer than 10 minutes (MAX) to get started between rounds 2-finals, then we want you to contact a tournament admin about that situation.

9.) If a team is not checked in by 10 minutes before the tournament is due to happen, then they will be replaced with a back up team.

10.) Only the Team Captain may post registration for their team.

11.) This is a 5v5 (Conquest) Tournament. The team with the better ranking (or listed as the home team) will have the choice to select their side as first pick or second pick. If there is no ranking for a tournament, then the home team will be decided by a coin flip. In a multiple game series, the loser of a game will receive first pick for the next game.

Tournament mode proceeds in the following format:
First Pick Team = A; Second Pick Team = B

Bans: ABAB

The newest god during the time of the tournament, is automatically banned and does NOT count towards the 2 bans that each team gets.

Each team has exactly 2 minutes (MAX) to ban a god. These bans will take place in special chat with team captains only.

Mirror match ups are NOT allowed in this tournament series.

12.) The way the servers will be picked is by highest seeding gets first pick. After that it will be loser picks for the remainder of that series.

13.) If a team wins a prize, their team captain will be given the prize to distribute out to players. So we highly suggest you play with people you can trust.

14.) Team captains may be asked to join a skype chat (text based) to be able to communicate easier with the admins of the tournament. We ask that you be understanding of this and that is simply to make communication easier on everyone.

15.) Have fun

By continuing on and filling out the rest of this form, you confirm that you have read and agree with these rules.
(Important note: Rules are subject to change at any time, for any given reason, without notification - Though it is very unlikely that they will change at all.)

Weekly Tournament Prizes:

1st Place: $250 (USD) & 100 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

2nd Place: Gems (800) & 75 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

3rd Place: Gems (400) & 60 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

4th Place: 50 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

5th Place: 25 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

6th Place: 25 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

7th Place: 25 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

8th Place: 25 points towards chance to play in monthly finals

Monthly Tournament Prizes:

1st Place: $750 (USD) & bragging rights

2nd Place: $250 (USD) & bragging rights

3rd Place: Gems (800) & bragging rights

4th Place: Gems (400) & bragging rights