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Theological Issues

Emacs has been scientifically proven to be the ultimate text editor, but it is also so much more than that.

Our Church of Emacs is very open minded, we discuss both how best to worship our Saviour among the True Believers, and also welcome preachers of false religions like Discordia or vi to our church, where we can test their silly misconceptions against out pure and strong faith . Most of the information in this page is from these discussions. Please don't misuse our sacred place to discuss joke religions like Scientology, Kibology, or BoB.

Here is some collected wisdom from the church:

Visit the shrine of our saint, or the Norwegian chapter of the church.

Venom Incarnate

Some claims that supporters of this vile insult against everything that is good, pure, and right should be punished, however using vi is far more punishment than even a vi user deserves. So here is some background information of this evil instrument of prolonged torture:

Other Pretenders